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Coca-Cola Case Study

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Coca-Cola Enterprises in The Netherlands operates a large production plant that makes thousands of liters of beverages every day. Maintaining a clean facility is a high priority, especially with the volume of machine and human traffic required for operation. That’s why Coca-Cola Enterprises was intrigued by the newly developed Orbio® Split Stream technology from Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company group.

Available in the Orbio® 5000-Sc, Orbio Split Stream technology generates cleaning solution on-site that replaces many daily-use cleaning chemicals. The solution also maintains its effective cleaning properties for weeks when stored in closed containers.

The solution cleans a variety of vertical and horizontal surfaces – from windows and countertops to tile walls and carpets. It can be used in spray-and-wipe cleaning, hard-floor scrubber-dryers, touchless cleaners, carpet extractors and more.




Coca-Cola Enterprises in The Netherlands participated in an eight-week study to measure the effectiveness of the cleaning solution generated by the Orbio 5000-Sc, and compare its performance to the daily-use cleaning chemicals currently used.

Cleaning crews in the Dongen production plant used a preproduction model of the Orbio® 5000-Sc to generate cleaning solution on site to clean ceramic tile floors and unsealed concrete floors in the production and distribution areas. The same solution was used to clean off-the-floor surfaces including stainless steel processing and conveyor equipment.

The crews used their standard cleaning processes and equipment during the study, including buckets and wipes for off-the-floor applications and their existing floor cleaning machines. Five Tennant machines owned by Coca-Cola Enterprises were used in the study:
  • One M20 Integrated Sweeper-Scrubber, in conventional mode with cylindrical poly brushes
  • One 5680 Walk-behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer, in conventional mode with cylindrical nylon brushes
  • Three T3 Walk-behind Floor Scrubber-Dryers, in conventional mode with nylon disc brushes
Study participants used the Orbio 5000-Sc solution to replace Tennant Tenn610 alkaline detergent to clean floors during the study period. For off-floor surfaces, the solution replaced a neutral-pH all-purpose cleaning chemical.




As one might guess, one of the most common soils to clean in a beverage facility is a sugary syrup. Along with the silicone lubricant commonly used in beverage production, the syrup must be cleaned from the outside of stainless steel pipes and plating in the production area.

Coca-Cola Enterprises cleaning staff felt that the Orbio® 5000-Sc solution cleaned as well or more effectively than the all-purpose cleaning chemical they had been using.

On the floor, too, cleaning staff found that forklift tyre marks were effectively removed from the concrete distribution floor. They also noted other environmental advantages – reduced packaging, transporting and storage associated with the daily-use cleaning chemicals they typically used, and less cleaning chemical odor in the air. Overall, study participants preferred the Orbio 5000-Sc solution than the products they typically used, and they felt that the solution was simply a better food and beverage degreaser.




Overall, participants in the Orbio® 5000-Sc study at Coca-Cola Enterprises in The Netherlands found a number of advantages to using the 5000-Sc solution:
  • Equal or better cleaning performance, floor & off-floor
  • 10,200 liter/3 years reduction of their previous daily-use chemical (Coca-Cola estimate)
  • 374 kg/3 years reduction in daily-use chemical packaging waste (Coca-Cola estimate)
  • Total cost savings of Euro 29,500/3 years, including the cost of the 5000-Sc units (Coca-Cola estimate)
Based on the excellent results of this study, Coca-Cola Enterprises in The Netherlands subsequently ordered and installed two units of the 5000-Sc.​​


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"It left no residue on stainless steel production equipment, produced a better shine, reduced tire marks on distribution floor surfaces, improved floor traction, and reduced cleaning costs."

Cees Smans
Facility Manager Coca-Cola Enterprises Netherland B.V. – Dongen


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Orbio® 5000-Sc

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