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All American Foods Success Story

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All American Foods Inc. is a broad line distributor of wholesale seafood, meat, and non-food for New England. They have a state-of-art 100,000 sq. ft. facility with multi-temp capabilities. They have been experiencing tremendous growth since they established in 1988 and serve over 8,000 customers managing more than 10,000 SKUs. They are committed to customer service and delivering quality products.


All American Foods’ challenge was that tremendous growth had led to significantly increased traffic inside their warehouse. The previous walk-behind scrubber they were using couldn’t keep up with the demands in keeping the warehouse clean and safe. They needed a rider scrubber to cover more floor space, maintain the cleanliness more efficiently and remove the long-term dirt build-up.


The Tennant T16 battery-powered rider scrubber was selected because it works great in tight spaces, and is equipped with Tennant’s exclusive ec-H2O™ cleaning technology. Detergent-free ec-H2O technology works by electrically converting water into an innovative cleaning solution. This solution cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals and methods.

Tennant direct service capabilities also interested American Foods because they knew they could count on the factory-trained service reps to quickly fix their machine, decrease down-time, and ensure OEM parts were replaced on the machine to keep the machine operating as designed.


“The T16 with ec-H2O outperformed all other machines we’ve tried, including some that used added chemical,” said Operations Manager Jim Flanagan. “We can clean our entire facility in a couple of hours when our walk-behind took 20 hours to finish the job. Our Maintenance guy took all day to clean what it takes one person 2 hours to clean today with the T16. The T16 removed caked-on dirt the first time we used it. The dirt doesn’t have a chance to accumulate on the floors now. We saved lots of money on chemicals and we also improved our safety because it removed our greasy spots. I’d recommend getting the hose on the back of the machine so you can easily clean up the machine afterwards and rinse out the tanks. We also signed up for the Tennant Service Preventive Maintenance contracts which kept our 15 year old walk-behind scrubber in good working condition so that we can still use it for the smaller spots and under the racks in the warehouse.”​​

Jim Flanagan Jr., Operations Manager

"We have been using the T16 with ec-H2O for a few weeks and the difference it has made to the cleanliness of the floors is remarkable."

Jim Flanagan Jr.
Operations Manager
All American Foods


T16 Battery-Powered Rider Scrubber


ec-H2O Electrically Converted Water Technology


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