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Aetna Technologies ec-H2O -
Orbio 5000-Sc Case Study

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Aetna Building Maintenance offers a full range of janitorial, facilities management and industrial support service options for customers throughout the Midwest. For more than 75 years, Aetna has been committed to providing the highest levels of service, safety and sustainability.

A long-time Tennant Company partner, Aetna quickly embraced Tennant’s revolutionary ec-H2O™ as a sustainable hard floor cleaning solution. And when Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group, created the Orbio® 5000-Sc, Aetna recognized its potential to clean glass, stainless steel, countertops, and in carpet extractors.

The Orbio 5000-Sc uses tap water, a small amount of salt and electricity to create Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner on-site. This solution can be used in floor scrubbing machines, automated carpet cleaning equipment, spray-and-wipe cleaning, touchless cleaners and more.

"We use Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner in non Tennant scrubbers to clean the floors in our headquarters building, and we use buddy jugs to take it to smaller accounts," said Brian Carpenter, director of purchasing, Aetna Building Maintenance. "We've replaced all our traditional floor cleaning chemicals at our corporate headquarters and our floors absolutely sparkle."

The solution also is used in spray bottles to clean a variety of surfaces including glass, stainless steel, countertops, white boards, sealed wood furniture, painted walls and more.

Carpenter cited the cost savings from not buying 15 cases of traditional floor cleaning chemicals each year, and streamlined training processes as the biggest advantages of using Orbio solution. "We don't have to worry about our cleaning crews grabbing the wrong cleaner. It's really very simple, just fill an auto scrubber or bucket with the solution and go," said Carpenter.


Aetna was one of the first customers to try Tennant's ec-H2O technology. And despite skepticism about cleaning with just electrolyzed water, when Aetna ran side-by-side tests with chemical cleaners, their employees couldn't see any difference. Now Aetna crews use Tennant T3 Walk-Behind Scrubbers and Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Scrubbers with ec-H2O to clean hospitals, schools, universities, and industrial and retail facilities.

"Using ec-H2O is great for the community and the environment, it gives us a green clean selling point, and helps our customers who want LEED certification," said Carpenter. "It also saves us money. Electrolyzed water is less expensive than chemicals." 

ec-H2O uses 70 percent less water than traditional cleaning methods; it leaves no slippery detergent residue; it does not emit hazardous chemicals or require disposal of used detergents; and it reduces the costs associated with the use of traditional cleaning chemicals.


"The safety element using ec-H2O is a huge advantage because there are no dilution issues, no worker's comp claims for chemical burns, and it simplifies chemical purchases," added Carpenter. "Another huge benefit is the ability to turn off the ec-H20 unit if you have to use a degreaser."

Carpenter believes the biggest benefits of Tennant's ec-H2O technology are convenience, the simplicity of not mixing chemicals and sustainability. He also appreciates that there's no reason to worry about possibly damaging carpets when cleaning with electrolyzed water near carpeted areas.

"The convenience for operators to use any utility sink to empty the discharge tank is a big advantage," said Carpenter. "I'd definitely recommend ec-H2O technology. Everyone's moving toward sustainability for general cleaning, and we’re saving money."

To learn more about ec-H2O and Orbio technology, call 1-800-964-9644 or Contact Us

Aetna ​​

"We've used ec-H2O for four years and Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner since it was introduced, and we haven't had one complaint from our customers because they work as well as what we used previously."

Brian Carpenter
Director of Purchasing, Aetna Building Maintenance


ec-H2O Electrically Converted Water Technology


Orbio® 5000-Sc


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